Russ Easter, November 9 2022

Good Dawg Gravy Came to Life in Dog Town, USA

I created Good Dawg Gravy out of love and frustration...

CBD oil was clearly responsible for my boy London's miraculous changes beginning at age seven: transforming him from a graying, older dog beginning to struggle with arthritis - limping along on our adventures in the mountains - to a spry teenager, bounding into the truck again, and rambunctious on the hiking trails.

The challenge and frustration was administering his daily CBD!

Initially, everything I tried - he rejected!

The Pet Store manager said, "These drops work great! Just grab his snout and put 4 drops on his tongue daily." That didn't go well.

Within three days he was hiding in his kennel at the sight of the dropper, refusing to come for his dosing.

So, I outsmarted him and applied the drops directly onto his kibble. Twenty minutes later I returned to see four "oil tainted" kibble pieces remaining in the bowl. He was smarter than I thought!

The treats at the pet store were filled with ingredients I couldn't pronounce and wouldn't give to 'my boy'.

I knew I had to figure out a way to provide his daily CBD in a yummy, healthy way that he would absolutely love!

Faced with this challenge, Good Dawg Gravy was born out of my kitchen, and my deep love and care for my boy London.

Pretty soon neighbors and friends began asking for Good Dawg Gravy to the point I knew I had to find a way to make the gravy accessible to companions everywhere.  

First, we had to find someone capable of making my vision for Good Dawg Gravy shelf stable.  (All natural, healthy, products are hard to make shelf stable by the way, but we do it by using a special plant enzyme that is much like a dog's own digestive enzymes!)  Once we had the base recipe that became Good Dawg Gravy, we started experimenting with other all natural ingredients to make our Senior and Calming Formulas!

Today we confidently offer the only all natural, healthy, Pet CBD that pets everywhere crave!  So join us, and start enjoying More Fun Days with your companions!

 Bend, OR, USA

Written by

Russ Easter

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