Stuart Hicks, December 1 2022

Bend, Oregon Company Launches World's Only Healthy, All-Natural, Shelf-Stable, Pet CBD Product


DECEMBER 1, 2022

A new company in Dog Town USA (better known as Bend, Oregon,) has launched the World’s only all-natural, healthy, shelf-stable, Pet CBD product.  

“Born out of love and frustration,” begins Russ Easter’s story of being recommended a “Pet CBD” product offered in dropper bottles from his local pet store (which his faithful companion, seven-year-old Golden Retriever, London, desperately rejected after two days of force-fed, acrid, compounds squirted “into his snout” as instructed by the pet store manager.)  With growing frustration Easter discovered the CBD market to be flooded with unhealthy tinctures and treats leaving him little choice but to recreate an old college gravy recipe born of the need to add vitamins to his beloved dogs’ cheap kibble.  Once his healthy, homemade gravy was mixed with the acidic CBD tincture, London began to lap it up with craving, and within days could again leap into the pickup truck after runs in the forest.

Enter 2020, the first year of COVID shutdowns, when Easter, like many tech professionals, moved to a home-office routine, and both of his companions, London and his son, Leo, pass away within weeks.  The ensuing lonely months brought clarity in the form of friends and neighbors’ regular requests for Easter’s CBD dog gravy - a recipe he’d found joy sharing locally, loving to see dogs of all shapes and sizes with seemingly renewed bodies.

"And so I decided to assemble the best team of experts to launch the pet industry’s most innovative CBD company,” said Easter, who also had a name for his beloved gravy: Good Dawg Gravy, named after the Bend favorite off-leash hiking trails.

To date, Easter’s kitchen concoction has undergone a battery of tests and tweaks to become market-ready, and the only all-natural, and shelf stable, CBD products on the market (meaning today’s Good Dawg Gravies, do not require refrigeration to maintain freshness.) “To me as a consumer and a longtime dog owner, I knew that any product that had to be refrigerated would only limit its reach into the market. Instead, I demanded - like the consumer does - to make it as simple and easy as possible to administer my pet’s daily CBD,” said Easter. 

Good Dawg Gravy comes in Original, Calming, and Senior Formulas, and the Start-up Company is currently offering 30-Day Trial packs online for $99.99, with free delivery in Central Oregon, as well as Monthly Subscriptions starting at $79.99.

Written by

Stuart Hicks

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